Why ConciergeAssist?

We wanted to create something exclusive for our clients, a custom tailored concierge service to help you with whatever you need, wherever you need. 

We’re All About The Client Experience

With our concierge we have one main belief. When we treat people well they will want to do business with us.  That is why our client experience team has focused on defining an experience that is unmatched. We teach these simple principles through employee training, we gauge our success through ongoing client feedback, and we make sure our services are well above the industry standard.

We have a few expectations for how we run our business.  

1. Always be professional and polite

2. Always do the right thing

3. Build long lasting relationships

4. Resolve client issues quickly

5. Exceed expectations

6.Take action when needed

Delivering A Personal Experience

We focus on making every interaction with our clients a personal one. We’ve all been there when you feel as if you are a number or just another person in line.

We’ve developed in house training for our concierge team to get to know you better, and our systems also get smarter with every request that is created.

We are focused on learning about you and using what we know to give you a custom experience. We will never share your information with anyone for any reason either.


We're There For You - When You Need Us

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